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Yes, Last Month was the Wettest October on Record

CBC Radio in Kelowna expressed the sentiment today that we’ve all been thinking: surely this is one of the wettest falls on record. It’s hard to argue against that! September was wet, and November is shaping up to be extremely wet down … Continue reading

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No, Voter Turnout Did Not Change the Election

I’ve seen several media outlets claiming that Trump only won because of reduced voter turnout — even though voter turnout was up 0.4% from 2012. The argument goes that turnout was down in some key areas and among some key … Continue reading

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The Trump Landslide Myth

A number of my Trump-loving friends have told me that the polls are wrong. When I inquire further, I hear that the polls are rigged or that Trump is so hated that voters tell pollsters they’re voting for Clinton while actually … Continue reading

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