The True Source of Religious Discrimination in Canada

How the Patriarchy Promotes Religious Discrimination, Hate, and Violence

by Every 3rd Day Feminism

You will hear people say that “correlation does not imply causation” as if strong correlation has nothing to do with causation, but make no mistake about it, these people who invoke this phrase are ignorant about their white privilege. They will share endless memes about eating pork and loving bacon without realizing the very act of sharing insensitive memes causes violence and oppression toward the the most vulnerable groups in society.

I opened up Facebook today only to discover yet another hateful meme:


Not only is this meme offensive to vegans, it’s disgusting and hurtful to Muslims and Jews. You may as well post the N-word all over your Facebook for your black friends to discover.

The Patriarchy in Canada hates women and non-Christians. It’s not that it loves bacon more than other types of food, but rather, it just wants to promote Islamophobia and other forms of nativist bigotry against the most vulnerable of Canadians; pork  is the most effective way to viciously malign minorities.

The Patriarchy is a subconscious force in society embedded so deep in the subconscious that it’s almost too subtle to detect. Thus, most of us don’t even realize we’re promoting hate and violence when we share bacon memes.

The damage from bacon bigotry is far worse that anyone realizes. If we scale for population, 96% of all religious hate crimes in Canada are targeted toward the two religions that don’t eat bacon. This correlation is far too strong to not imply causation. To say otherwise is to say that having 96% of climate scientists agreeing on climate change does not imply they’re right.


You might be thinking that there are other factors, but you’d be wrong. About the only thing exclusive to Jews and Muslims is their dislike of bacon.

The more people share bacon memes, the more discrimination increases. That’s why a recent study showed that hate crimes against Muslims rose by 60% in just one year.

This information should be helpful in your quest for tolerance and understanding. If you remain skeptical of this link between the Patriarchal bacon memes and religious discrimination, then you need to check your privilege.

If you don’t know how to do that, look to the media as an example. The people at Cosmopolitan have checked their privilege. They know that whenever tragedy strikes, they need to find ways to promote Muslims in a positive light, even if that means calling a Sikh a Muslim. Tolerance is more important than truth, so go, and do likewise.



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