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The Coldest Months in Canadian History

As we close out the 70th winter since records began in the high arctic, I thought it would be interesting to count the number of very cold months, and further, determine the coldest of the lot. The map below shows … Continue reading

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Why the Chilcotin Will Eventually be the Coldest Place in BC

It’s an interesting fact that since 1938, when weather records began in earnest in northern British Columbia, the coldest January each year has bounced around between nine different places. Ranked by the number of occurrences, the lucky spots are: Fort … Continue reading

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What Does it Take to Trigger a Snowfall Warning in Canada?

It’s interesting to note that Environment Canada believes in and promotes discrimination. i.e. They have a different set of rules for different parts of the country (when it comes to issuing weather warnings). In terms of snowfall amounts, a mere … Continue reading

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The Sunshine Tax

  Since moving to the Okanagan Valley area, I’ve been made aware of something called the “sunshine tax.”¬† It’s a sort of catchall explanation for getting screwed, and perhaps the most idiotic and pretentious excuse for not understanding basic economics … Continue reading

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How to Beat Wikipedia at Their Own Game

Wikipedia’s standard of proof dictates that all information must be sourced, and not from blogs. Nor can original research be used. Interestingly enough, Wikipedia becomes an incredibly valuable resource because so many pages ignore this rule by supplying original research … Continue reading

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Top 12 Musicians That Died in 2016

At the end of 2015 I took us through 10 black musicians we lost. It’s another year, and we are all another year older and another year closer the end of our own earthly journeys. Over the year of 2016 … Continue reading

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Yes, Last Month was the Wettest October on Record

CBC Radio in Kelowna expressed the sentiment today that we’ve all been thinking:¬†surely this is one of the wettest falls on record. It’s hard to argue against that!¬†September was wet, and November is shaping up to be extremely wet down … Continue reading

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