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It’s so Hot in Canada that the Northwest Territories is Under a Heat Warning for the First Time EVER!

I turned on the radio today to hear the news talking about heat warnings all over western Canada. Now, this was real shock for me because I know for a fact that there has never been a heat warning in … Continue reading

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British Columbia Hotspots

I like listening to CBC radio out of Kelowna in the afternoons, and especially appreciate the host informing us where the hottest and coldest places in the province are currently located. Just for fun, I have crunched the numbers for … Continue reading

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Why We Should Expect Massive 1 in 100 Year Flood Events Almost Every Year in Canada

Let’s assume for argument’s sake that there is no global warming or climate change. Clearly the planet is warming and changing, but for mathematical purposes, we will show that even without any climate change, extreme flood events in Canada are … Continue reading

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Islam and Feminism

The West has long been a hotbed of rampant sexism, and yet — sadly — it’s getting worse the harder we try to stop it. The gender wage gap is increasing, the president of the USA openly supports abuse of … Continue reading

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An Extreme Temperature Weekend in Western North America

There were some absolutely amazing diurnal temperature variations over the weekend. Puntzi Mountain, BC (elevation: 910 m) was -8°C Friday afternoon, and then -36.5°C Saturday morning — a 28.5°C drop. Keep in mind that the LARGEST overnight temperature drop at … Continue reading

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What Does it Take to Trigger an Extreme Cold Alert in Canada?

Much of the east coast of North America is under an extreme cold warning, so that provides an opportunity to add to our weather warning series. TRIGGER WARNING: We are looking at the thresholds required to trigger weather warnings in … Continue reading

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Wind Warning Thresholds in Canada

Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for parts of British Columbia today. The red on this map shows the affected locations. Now, this is quite interesting because the Vancouver and Victoria areas are under a wind warning while the … Continue reading

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