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Wind Warning Thresholds in Canada

Environment Canada has issued a wind warning for parts of British Columbia today. The red on this map shows the affected locations. Now, this is quite interesting because the Vancouver and Victoria areas are under a wind warning while the … Continue reading

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Rainfall Warning Thresholds in Canada

Previously we have discussed snowfall and heat warnings in Canada and how grossly inconsistent they are across the country. Fortunately, Environment Canada is much more realistic when it comes to setting rainfall warning thresholds. Such warnings are season dependent, but … Continue reading

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Was 2017 Really the Hottest July-August Ever in Kelowna, BC?

I saw this article today, and thought it was a bit strange that they would make this claim. Typical of the media. They will tease you with some truthful facts, but just like a Donald Trump tweet, they don’t stop … Continue reading

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The True Source of Religious Discrimination in Canada

How the Patriarchy Promotes Religious Discrimination, Hate, and Violence by Every 3rd Day Feminism You will hear people say that “correlation does not imply causation” as if strong correlation has nothing to do with causation, but make no mistake about … Continue reading

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It’s Been so Dry in British Columbia this Year that the Relative Humidity is Literally Off the Charts!

June is typically the wettest month of the year in much of the interior of BC, but not in 2017. The month that is typified by unstable air, thunderstorms, and rain produced a rainless month for much of the Chilcotin … Continue reading

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How are heat warnings triggered in Canada?

Over the winter I produced a map showing the thresholds for triggering snowfall warnings in Canada, but now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to do the same for heat. Environment Canada issued a “special weather statement” for … Continue reading

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Okanagan Lake and the Tale of Two Records

Since mid-May, the Okanagan’s most popular news site has been running non-stop with one flood myth after another. I say “myth” because most stories are using mythical numbers. The number fudging started on May 16th when the mayor of Kelowna … Continue reading

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