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How to Fix the Housing Crisis in BC

It seems that every year there are fewer and fewer places to rent, and as everyone knows, decreased supply invariably means increased rents. This has an especially negative impact on those at the bottom 30% of the economic spectrum. The latest … Continue reading

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The Sunshine Tax

  Since moving to the Okanagan Valley area, I’ve been made aware of something called the “sunshine tax.”  It’s a sort of catchall explanation for getting screwed, and perhaps the most idiotic and pretentious excuse for not understanding basic economics … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why BC is Doing Highways All Wrong

There’s something seriously flawed with the way four lane highways are built in British Columbia. You may be thinking that there’s no issue, but remember, that’s what the alcoholic thinks before he realizes he has a problem. The step toward recovery is … Continue reading

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Blowing Budgets

Note: updated as of November 2015. Back in June the Province highlighted the fact that the Ministry’s fire fighting budget managed to be almost entirely consumed before the beginning of summer. Good for them, except they provided no context for their readers. … Continue reading

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MSP: BC’s Deceptive Tax

British Columbia has a hopelessly regressive tax called the MSP (medical services plan), and by regressive, I mean the more you make, the less you pay, proportionally speaking. If you’re making $30,000/year you’re paying more in MSP than income tax, … Continue reading

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